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Going our way? Take a ride to the TWA Hotel!
TWA Directions


How to get to the TWA Hotel

If you're driving: The TWA Hotel at JFK Airport is located at One Idlewild Drive, New York, New York 11430-1962. Upon entering the airport, proceed toward Terminal 5 and follow the traffic signs to our main entrance. If you’re taking a ride-sharing service, type TWA Hotel into the app. Onsite parking is available in the front of our building. See our current pricing here.

TWA Hotel map
Visit the AirTrain website for closures and schedule updates.

If you're taking the AirTrain: The AirTrain is the fastest and easiest way to get to the TWA Hotel. It is a 5-minute ride from all terminals to the TWA Hotel at the Terminal 5 stop. JFK Airport does not allow hotel or rental car shuttles in the central terminal area to alleviate traffic on central terminal roadways.

To reach the TWA Hotel, exit the AirTrain at the Terminal 5 (JetBlue) stop and follow the signs to the escalator or elevator on the same level as the train platform. Take the escalator or elevator up to Level 3 (Terminal 5). Exit through the automatic sliding doors to the Yellow Parking Garage, walk across the crosswalk and take the elevator down to Level 1. Walk across the crosswalk, turn right and follow the fence-lined path until you reach the fountain. Walk across the crosswalk to the front entrance of the TWA Hotel. The check-in area is to the left when you walk in.


AirTrain map
Visit the AirTrain website for closures and schedule updates.


A note about the AirTrain: The AirTrain, which runs 24/7, connects all terminals to airport parking lots, the rental car center and NYC’s public transportation at the Jamaica and Howard Beach Stations, where you can find the subway, the Long Island Rail Road and public buses.

The AirTrain is free within JFK and between the TWA Hotel and all terminals. If you end or start your trip at the Jamaica or Howard Beach Stations, a $8.25 fee is payable by a MetroCard available at those stations. The AirTrain runs as often as every 7 minutes during peak times. Please visit the AirTrain website for closures and schedule updates.

Carrying a ton of luggage? Smarte Cartes and luggage carts (as well as small pets in secured carriers) are permitted on the AirTrain.

Find more information on the AirTrain and public transportation at or

 TWA Hotel
The terminal's iconic flight tube leads to the TWA Hotel's lobby.

If you’re walking over from JetBlue Terminal 5:

In Terminal 5, take the escalator down to JetBlue’s baggage claim area. On the far right, you'll see an elevator for the TWA Hotel. Take the elevator up to the hotel. Once out of the elevator, follow the red carpeted flight tube to the hotel lobby. Turn right immediately after exiting the flight tube and follow the ramp down and to the left to reach the check-in area.

If you’re flying by helicopter: Avoid traffic and fly in style with BLADE. To book your seat, visit the BLADE site.

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